Praise for Professional Sports Wives Magazine
"I think this magazine is a great idea!"

-- Anita Marks, ESPN Radio 1400 AM, Chicks on Sports, Host
"My wife plays a tremendous role. Some women are not comfortable in being Mrs. 'so and so'. We are fortunate to have a balance where my wife plays a supportive role (in my career). My wife has high self esteem as knows who she is individually as well."
-- Phil Mickelson at Bellsouth Classic to Gena Pitts, publisher
"I saw with interest in Sports Business Daily news of your magazine, send us a copy as soon as possible."  -- NFL Executive

"I have always felt that wives of athletes are under-appreciated, and their hard work and dedication to their husbands and families so often goes unrecognized. I have a nephew who plays professional baseball and can attest to the dedication his wife shows in supporting him in his career, maintaining their home, traveling back and forth to games, and running her own business. It's a tough life and these women deserve respect and support for handling it all gracefully. Much success to Professional Sports Wives Magazine!"
-- C. Holland, reader of The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"WOW!! What a unique and much-needed concept!"
-- NFL Carolina Panthers, Executive

"They have to keep everything running while the men are on tour. What a great idea! We will watch out for the Professional Sports Wives Magazine when it come over here."
-- Rachel Sloane, British Broadcasting Company Radio, Suffolk, England

"The MAGAZINE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! Wow---we loved it!!! We were wondering if you could please send us more copies----Thank you so much!!!!"
-- Executive Director, (NFL) Charitable Foundation

"Thank you, I have received you magazines and I have dispersed them to the players via their mailboxes."
-- Player Relations Director, NFL Team

"I would love to learn more about the magazine and discuss how our organization can be of assistance to you. I look foward to speaking with you, and receiving more issues of your magazine."
-- NBA league Executive

"Got the magazine today!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! It is so amazing!!!! How did you do it?!?!? You are the best ever!!!....."
-- MLB Wife

"thank you so much for the copies you made available for us to give to the Head Coaches wives at the Owner's meetings. The loved it! We would like to get five more ASAP so she can give each wife one. Could you send me those 2 day or overnight?"
-- NFL Executive

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